Firefightering Programs




Becoming a Volunteer member of the Bear River Fire Deaprtment is one of the most rewarding things that you will ever do for yourself and your community...however....being a firefighter is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. 


Firefighting is one of the most demanding jobs that you can perform, both physically and mentally.  Being a volunteer Firefighter means that you will be doing things and going places that most people could not even imagine.


        Firefighters must be ready for any situation, anytime of the day or night.


The Bear River Fire Department is a volunteer Department that responds to approximately 80 emergency calls per year.  "Volunteer" does not mean that the Department and it's members are not professional. Our members offer our community protection and service in virtually all emergency situations, through ongoing training and specialization.



        The duties of a Firefighter are varied and include but are not limited to:

  • Working in the extremes of temperatures and in all weather conditions.
  • Driving and operating highly specialized equipment under emergency conditions.
  • Using their physical ability to perform manual labour and physically difficult tasks in diverse conditions.
  • Maintaining self-discipline and a high level of professionalism while on duty and in the public's eye.
  • Extinguishing fires and identifying hazardous conditions.
  • Taking part in ongoing training, to better protect themselves, fellow firefighters, and the public.



The benefits of becoming a member of the Bear River Fire Department are many.


Although not monetary, they are the type of benefits that will make you, your family and your neighbors sleep better at night, just knowing that you and the rest of the Department will be there whenever needed.


One of the largest benefits of becoming a member is the social aspect of the Department.  It's like gaining 30 new relatives at once.


Your new "family" will be there for you no matter what the circumstances because firefighter bonds are made for life.


If you have the what it takes to serve your Community as a volunteer firefighter, then why not join our team.


Please stop in at the Bear River Fire Hall any Tuesday night after 7 to fill out an application.  



Junior Firefighter Program



The Junior Firefighter Program was instituted by Bear River Fire Department (BRFD) as a training program for young men and women, aged 15-18, interested in serving their community and preparing to become active firefighters upon reaching the age of 18. At age 18, the Junior Firefighter is eligible apply for active firefighter.


As a Junior Firefighter, members serve in a support role for the senior firefighters at actual emergencies as a supplement to a formal training program.


The Junior Firefighters attend monthly training with the full Department.


Firefighter Todd Peck serves as the Junior Firefighter program director and is the primary contact person for the Junior Firefighters. Those selected are expected to act in a mature manner and commit to a demanding, long-term program.


In both training and actual emergency situations, the safety of the Junior Firefighter is of paramount concern to the Department. As such, the activities of the Junior Firefighters are limited in scope and the fire officers closely supervise them.  The Junior Firefighters quickly become an integral part of the firefighting team during emergencies, serving in such important capacities as establishing a water supply, supplying equipment for interior firefighters, changing air packs, manning exterior hose lines and assisting with interior overhaul once a fire has been extinguished. 


It should be understood, however, that despite the training and supervision provided, firefighting is a dangerous activity and serious injury is a possibility. The fire officers will make every effort to minimize the Junior Firefighters' exposure to danger. It is also the responsibility of the Junior Firefighter to avoid known hazardous situations.


Due to the inherent dangers of firefighting, strict rules of conduct and tight procedural standards have been established. In an actual emergency, it is essential that all firefighters, including Junior Firefighters, act in a calm and efficient manner.


The Junior Firefighters are expected to attend training to be prepared for the many challenges presented in an emergency situation.


Each member is expected to read and understand these requirements and to adhere to the standards.


The BRFD fire and administrative officers are available to discuss any questions.


Please stop in at the Bear River Fire Hall any Tuesday night after 7pm to fill out an application.


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Junior Firefighter Program Info

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